The last project I had in mind to upcycle for our refugee fundraising was an 80s-style, solid wood hutch/china cabinet. These are the before photos. 

I had an almost full gallon of a light beige paint I’d snatched for free from the paint recycle, and I reused the hinges and door handles by spray painting them black. 

The drawer handles were a little ornate for my tastes, so these ones didn’t make the cut, but they were the only ones I had to replace. 

So monetarily, it was an inexpensive project. Labour-wise, however, it was very intensive.  Again, I started with a light sanding with a fine sandpaper. Getting into all the angles and nooks and crannies with the sandpaper and then the paint made the project demanding. I ended up flat on my back on the cement floor, like a mechanic, to get at the undercarriage of the top piece. And all the doors to take off and hardware to uninstall and install again was time-consuming. 

First coat on.

I thought I’d have more time to get er done before our refugee yard sale Saturday, September 25. Two weeks of quarantining left me short of time, but I hustled up this week and got it finished. 

Here’s the finished product on display at the yard sale. It hasn’t sold yet, but the yard sale is still in progress as I write. If it doesn’t sell here, selling it online will be a good option. 

Phew! That’s me out of projects.  And no other adventures on the agenda. But I’m sure something will come up!