New Digs

I am officially settled in my new place back in Creston. It’s even better than I expected from what I saw online when I rented it.

It’s out of town but only a ten minute drive. Lots of beautiful country walks to explore. Here’s the owners’ property that I’m sharing. The first picture is of their house. Mine is a one-bedroom suite above the attached garage.

And here’s the interior…

Wood is my thing, so I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on Facebook Marketplace.

I knew it was furnished, but I didn’t know that included dishes and linens. Good thing everything I have fit in one (very full) carload, and I didn’t bring back a whole lot of things I didn’t need. My things are mostly still sitting in boxes in the storage space I have in the apartment, and there they’ll stay.

The best part is a covered deck that I share with a robin family. Every day I check on the babies and see how much they’ve grown. I’ve only been here a few days, but I see changes daily. Today was the first day I’ve seen their heads above the nest, begging for food.

And this is the view from the side window of the deck. A valley/mountain view. Not bad, eh?