(This post is a little more philosophical musing than life update. But it’s a little of both, so I’ll post it here.)

A couple friends stopped by yesterday for a visit and to check out my new/old camper. They knew how I felt about the ant invasion and the leak in the camper roof. (One of them gave me some of her leftover roof-sealant stuff she painted on the roof of her leaking camper that never gave her another problem. Yay! Hopefully a solution there!) They got to see the camper in its admittedly dirty, dark, depressing, decrepit state.

One asked me how I was feeling about it all with a sympathetic look. I don’t think she was expecting enthusiasm from me. But I responded enthusiastically. I admitted I wasn’t looking forward to the yicky parts. There will be a lot of hard work in whipping this camper into shape. But there is something so exciting to me in the thought of taking what’s dark and dirty and depressing and decrepit and making it bright and beautiful. I can see the finished product already in my head, but there’s always something satisfying in taking what you can see in your head and turning into reality. That’s the part I’m really looking forward to. The finished product.

In fact, I’ve always been fascinated with the transformation process when it comes to housing. Finishing my own brand new little house was one kind of transformation, but there is some craving I’ve had since childhood with taking something really old and unlivable and making it a transformed little home. Now I get my chance to try, anyway.

Maybe it’s the contrast that makes the finished product even more exciting.

Having a metaphorical bent of mind, thinking about this project soon had me seeing it as an illustration of the Big Picture kinds of realities.

The world and its inhabitants and its happenings are looking pretty dark, depressing, and decrepit at the moment (which is a long moment. Like, the thousands of years of human history. But in my small share of it, I don’t remember the world ever looking quite so crazy in my lifetime.) I was thanking God today that His light will show all the brighter for the darkness getting darker. The crazier the world gets, the saner His ways look to me. Contrast does that.

It’s been a bit of a theme of mine lately on my political/cultural commentary blog. I was remembering the video testimony I’d posted on that blog of a YouTuber apologist I sometimes watch. His story is beyond amazing. It’s a story of true transformation. I’ve shared that video on this blog before, but I’ll share it again here. I hope you’ll check it out sometime. Here’s the link to the blog post where I featured another one of his videos that gave me a new perspective on the recent madness going on. Or here’s the link to just his testimony.

I think I love a good transformation story because God does. He is the Master Carpenter, restoring and mending and outright transforming broken lives.  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Cor. 5:17).

Having known God from a very tender age, I didn’t see much of a visible and obvious transformation in my own life. (I like to joke that I was hitting the bottle pretty heavily before God got a hold of my life. But most kids give that up around the age of three, anyway, so there wasn’t likely anything very miraculous in my freedom from addiction there!) Just slow but steady growth. I think God finds both obvious, visible transformation and slow-but-steady growing in relationship with Him pleasing. Even thrilling. He delights in all His work, methinks.

But for myself, I have to admit that I’m less impressed by slow-but-steady. I love seeing the dramatic before-and-after contrast. Seeing God’s work in visible, obvious life-transformation ways is about the most thrilling kind of transformation I can imagine!



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